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Product Identification
Each NETDVR product has a unique product serial number, also with a sticker that shows the production date, random supporting information, accessories are available.

1.NETDVR's product warranty starts with the purchase date which is printed on the invoice; if you are not able to provide invoices, then product warranty will start from the production date.
2. According to the machine body, components and accessories are:
I: Type A * Product: One year free replacement service during warranty period (complete antenna adapter)
Ii: Type B * Product: Free first year free warranty (full antenna adapter), second and third year free warranty service
Iii: random accessories (power adapter): one year free warranty service

Note: Type A * The product contains the following models:
(RT-N12 LX), RT-N12L (RT-N12 LX), RT-N12L, RT-N12 / PCE-AC51, RT-N12 + PRO

Type B * The product contains the following models:
RT-N12U, RT-N12U, WL-3303, WL-3303, WL-3303, WL- RT-ACA, RT-AC5, RT-AC88U, RT-AC88U, RT-AC55U, RT-AC55U, RT-ACA

* We will update again if we have more  models 

3. Asustek company on the mainland of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan region) on sale, the legitimate channels of sales to consumers Asus network products nationwide UNPROFOR service. Note: A. Consumers must issue a formal purchase invoice or a valid certificate approved by the state before they can enjoy the national UNPROFOR B. If the consumer can not issue a formal purchase invoice or country recognized valid certificate, you need to repair to the original purchase dealer Enjoy warranty service.