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Heavy box layout consumer security - Huachuang network eye innovation innovation hundred Gezheng flow


Home-based, shop in the first two years after the introduction of the market to the market, the concept of consumer security has been hot so far, after 2-3 years of natural growth in the market, the consumer market is also a layer of solidification of the industrial model, ushered in New look. Especially in the just-concluded 2016 Beijing Anbo, Hikvision, Dahua shares, Huachuang and other mainstream security companies under the civilian brand alone can hold up the standard hardcover booth, to the industry inside and outside the latest consumer security Products and on this basis to extend out of the video as the core of the network applications.


Baigezhengliu innovation

     14 years in the past, with the safe city, safe community and other projects in all parts of the country in depth, the concept of universal security has been basically formed, consumer security has finally ushered in its spring. The major leading security companies have to join in this piece of blue ocean, highly competitive, mutual long march. As a background, Huachuang in 2016 Beijing Anbo on the innovation, the introduction of the latest generation of network IPC series of new products, panoramic IPC series of new products, as well as leading industry modules and back-end series of new products and so on. As a leading provider of security products and solutions, China Chuang can be described as "keen on innovation and the beginning of the trend, Baigezhengqiu first"!
      From this year's release of the ANBO signal, deep China's "network eye" brand, will focus on the layout of consumer security. Early consumer security has the most basic hardware configuration, whether it is home monitoring equipment or home alarm equipment, in order to meet consumer demand for users to buy that is safe and convenient consumer products is the core design principles. The core users of the network eye consumer security focus on home users, small and medium enterprises and shop users, so the application scene also focus on the elderly, children, pets, home and shops security care, remote real-time view and so on.

Embrace the challenge releases the latest generation of consumer IPC new products

At present, China's network of heavy-fashioned consumer security products include four categories: intelligent PTZ cloud camera (shaking his head), 360 ° panoramic cloud camera, card-type cloud camera and WIFI suit.

During the Expo, the network released the latest generation of consumer IPC new products, not only excellent quality, stylish, intelligent operation for consumers to bring a different kind of user experience, with high-definition pixels, remote monitoring, easy to install, a key Set, even if the power, broken network also need not worry and many other advantages of application function.

Take root for many years industry leaders

In addition to a strong product development and innovation strength at the same time, China also has a high-quality high-quality manufacturing capacity, all kinds of specialized production equipment, at present, China's Shenzhen production base to introduce eight advanced automatic SMT placement machine, There are engineering department, research and development department, quality department, marketing department, foreign trade department, commerce department, brand business department, electric business department, physical control procurement department, finance department and test workshop and other departments.



In addition, "Huachang Industrial Park" - one of the world's largest security industrial park, by the China Times Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. Mainly for research and development, production, services, logistics and Internet business, China and the world's major comprehensive security industry an important base.


Huachuang Industrial Park is located in Hunan Province, close to the Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao arteries of Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao high-speed, convenient transportation. Industrial Park covers an area of 100547 square meters (about 150 acres), a total construction area of 182224 square meters, of which 12 sets of standard factory buildings of about 100,000 square meters, a building about 1 million square meters, a comprehensive office building about 10,000 square meters, Senior apartment 14 about 60,000 square meters, with a total investment of 850 million yuan. The main production lines are: automatic SMT production line 8 (30 high-speed placement machine), the camera production line 10, video recorder production line 6, and a number of various types of laboratories.

Huachuang Industrial Park built to make China has a natural advantage. Manufacturers direct supply, quality assurance, customers more reliable; sales links to reduce the product more affordable, cost-effective. In addition, China's network as a 2C network products, Rangli to consumers, in order to drive the market demand, reflecting the industry leader for the market keen insight and sense of responsibility.



Huachuang's marketing and service network has been around the world, but also for a large number of peer customers to provide OEM production orders. Products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions, has more than 10 cities in mainland China set up sales subsidiaries. In the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong set up sales offices. And in Brazil to set up their own production plant. Its "network of eyes, NETDVR" brand products, has gradually become the mainstream brand at home and abroad security market.

Create a home intelligent security future

Shenhua has been in the security industry took root 13 years, is one of the earliest engaged in the security industry enterprises, has a wealth of customer resources and industry experience. Huachuang network into the consumer security, will create a new home market intelligence security space.

Today, the process of urbanization to speed up the aging phenomenon intensified, people's awareness of security, and promote the demand for security products, especially civil security. According to statistics, there are more than 300 million families in China, urban residents about 200 million households, if a quarter of urban households to buy security products system, then the total purchase is expected to reach 50 million units, according to each 1000 Yuan calculation, the market size will reach 50 billion yuan. Coupled with small businesses, supermarkets and other institutions of security needs, but will expand the size of this market.

      At present, China's civil security market accounts for only 6% of the total security market output value, while the United States as a leading international security market, the civilian market output value of more than 50% of the total output value, the world average level is about 10%. China's per capita security products spending is far behind Europe and the United States and Japan and other developed countries, the United Kingdom 1/9, the United States 1/7, and neighboring countries, including South Korea, there is a big gap, only South Korea 1 / 5.
     Obviously, from the foreign civil security market situation, the domestic civil security in the future development potential is huge, individual users of the family security products is a huge potential demand. Huazhi network eye according to market trends, seize the opportunity to force the development of consumer security products strategy. "We will continue to focus on security research and development and innovation, focus on product upgrading and channel innovation, to provide users with more international quality products," said Mr. Xu Qunhua, Chairman of Huacheng Times.